The Future of Community Radio

The future of community radio is coming. 

The Local Community Radio Act opened the airwaves for the largest expansion of community radio in U.S. history. In the next few years, we will see a doubling in the number of community radio stations, with stations broacasting in urban centers where they have been shut out until now.   

While corporate radio flounders, community radio is growing. What we are seeing is not a move away from radio, but a move away from homogenous news sources. People seek information that they can participate in and is relevant to them within their social networks -  community radio provides just that. That's why community radio is in high demand. Over 90% of new radio stations are community stations.

The future of community radio will integrate broadcast and digital technologies to allow stations to be more accessible and participatory. With a cell phone and laptop, the whole community becomes a mobile studio.

We are building a participatory media infrastructure for social change and community expression. Our vision is a country with hundreds of community controlled multi-media institutions throughout urban and rural areas that reflect and respond to the needs of their communities.

Together, we can build the future of community radio:

Start a station

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