Consulting and Construction Services

Our Services

Prometheus can generally provide some level of free phone support and materials for community groups building radio stations, but we know that some stations could really use more in-depth engineering help. We offer direct services for groups holding construction permits that need assistance building their stations. We sometimes get more requests than we can handle, but we'll accomodate everyone we can on a rolling basis.

One or more of our technical personnel can come to your town and help you build the station - just a part or the whole thing! In order to sustain this portion of our work, we charge a sliding scale fee to stations for travel, staff time, and equipment. We determine the cost based on the actual resources of the group, how extensive the construction process will be, and how much local help will be available to build the station.

Unlike many radio professionals, we like working with volunteers! We are committed to teaching skills as we go, and we see no benefit to hoarding knowledge. Of course, if you prefer that we take care of everything ourselves, we can do that too. We try to meet your needs as best we can. To schedule our team to come help set up your station, contact technical AT prometheusradio DOT org.

Let us know the details of what assistance you need. Prometheus staff members and volunteers stand ready to help communities around the world with the technical aspects of starting a radio station. If you are a community or an existing station that could use our help, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

If you'd like us to come, but can't figure out how you could afford to pay us, contact us and we will help figure out a joint fundraising plan that will help you get the assistance you need.


Past Technical Projects


Other People You Can Talk To

A word about engineers and lawyers: These are some of the people that we talk to when we have questions that are beyond our expertise. You can always call us first and we can tell you what we know based upon our conversations with these experts. We generally find that we can answer about 80%; of the questions that come our way for free. Some lawyers have applied for grants (still pending) to be able to offer their services pro bono for Low PowerFM applicants. Others will need to be paid. Many are friendly and may be willing to answer a few simple questions once or twice on the phone for free, but after that they will need to be paid for their services. Please realize that Prometheus offers common sense advice based upon our discussions with experts, our discussions with the FCC and our reading of the rules. We should not be considered a substitute for "legal" or "engineering" advice. If you need it and if you have any doubts, ask us to recommend a good lawyer or engineer for your situation.